Red White

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Изготовлены из аутентичных комплектующих. Разбросанная намотка.



Снят с производства.

Мощное сухое звучание.
Neck – 5.7 K
Middle – 5.8 K
Bridge – 6,1 K
DCR +/- 5%


Вес 0.22 кг
Габариты 12 × 7 × 3 см

Состаренные белые крышки, Белые крышки, Черные крышки

12 отзывов на Red White

  1. Sean Lew

    I’ve bought this set of pickups from a guy who resell various rare pickups in Malaysia.
    I’ve bought the Neck and Middle single coils from him only as my guitar has a HSS route, and…I can not be happier.
    These pickups are great. If I’m gonna describe them in a nutshell I would use the words clarity and tightness. They are so clear sounding, compared to and Fender American stock pickups, have tight and deep bottom end that is almost piano-like, and high end that is clear and airy but not ear-piercing.
    I’m planning on doing a series mod with a mini toggle to get those hotter bigger sounds, but I would be already happy enough without it.
    Best value for money ever spend on pickups I would say.
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Marv

    These are so good. I put these in my 50s influenced partscaster, and they have not disappointed. All the clarity and sparkle that a strat should have at its best. If you’re shopping for some vintage spec single coils, you can’t go wrong. You can spend triple the money without getting a better set of pickups!

  3. Vaclav Pojer (проверенный владелец)

    This pickups are simply great !! I did not expect so big difference from stock pickups I have on my 1995 standart stratocaster. Pickups are much more sensitive for any finger movement, so you will get many more sound variations. Simply to say “guitar has more SOUL”.
    Other good thing is, the pickups are well coupled together, so I was nicelly suprised with sound of 2nd and 4th position. Now I can say, it is the sound I was looking for. I dont know why is the sound difference so big, but I guess it is due to materials used and care with which the pickups are made. I have noticed that, from the time I have unpacked them from the box. They vere made with love and passion and so they play!

    • Alexander Pribora

      Thank you!

  4. Sasz (проверенный владелец)

    These are just great. Very clear, lots of chime, but full and round at the same time – they have a really musical and responsive quality.

  5. Michael wilson (проверенный владелец)

    If you are a “partscaster” like me, these are your pickups. These pups have that beautiful, clear, lonesome sound that I have strived for. I have bought seymours, fender noiseless, you name it. These are miles above the rest. I just ordered the VooDoos for my next. Thank you Mr. Pribora.

  6. Mauri

    Che dire… semplicemente stupendi nulla da invidiare a marchi più blasonati e costosi…suono molto vintage e spettacolare. Complimenti.

  7. Piotr Flinta

    My fender with red&white have a beatifull and unique sound – it’s sound of myself. Thank you Alexander!!! Polecam wszystkim poszukujacym oryginalności brzmienia. Piotrek

  8. Daniel Bailey (проверенный владелец)

    The Red-&-White pickups sound great! I put them in my ’88 Strat+. Full & clear, lots of character in each of the 5 switch positions. I added a parallel blend mod to get a tele middle position sound & that is also really great. Excellent work sir!

  9. Jeff H

    I ordered the Red and White pickups a few months ago and installed them in a custom built S type guitar that I bought used. The guitar sounded ordinary before I used the Red and Whites. Now it sounds extraordinary. It has that classic chimey strat tone I had been looking for. I am sure Leo would have approved of the sounds that are coming out of my original 65 Princeton now. Keep up the good work.

  10. Lars (проверенный владелец)

    Ich habe vor längerer Zeit bei ebay Pickups von Alexander Pribora entdeckt. Ich dachte mir zunächst, das wären auch so Billigheimer, nur eben nicht aus China, sondern eben aus Russland. Das war es dann eigentlich auch schon wieder und diese Pickups sind in Vergessenheit geraten. Ich hatte ja auch noch nie von denen gehört.

    Irgendwann bin ich dann bei YouTube durch Zufall wieder auf Pickups von Alexander Pribora aufmerksam geworden. Was soll ich noch groß schreiben? Ich war von den auf YouTube von diversen Gitarristen getesteten PU’s direkt sehr begeistert. Ich hatte bis dahin jedoch noch nicht die Red&White Pickups gehört. Als ich diese dann aber das erste Mal hörte war klar, die muss ich haben. Das war genau der Sound, den ich immer gesucht, aber bisher nirgendwo gefunden habe.

    Ich hatte nur noch ein paar Tage bedenken, wie das wohl mit dem Versand aus Russland klappen wird. Als ich dann aber festgestellt hatte, dass auf der eigenen Homepage von Alexander Pribora diese Pickups auch noch wesentlich günstiger als auf ebay angeboten worden sind, habe ich es einfach riskiert und ganz schnell einen Satz bestellt.

    Ich war überrascht und erneut begeistert, dass die Russian Post ein absolut tolles Tracking zur Nachverfolgung anbietet. Da wird mehrmals täglich mitgeteilt, wo sich das Paket gerade befindet und was soll ich sagen, innerhalb von ca. 8 Tagen waren diese Teile bei mir in Deutschland. Fantastisch und superschnell wie ich finde. Da können sich die deutschen Paketdienstleister echt mal eine Scheibe von abschneiden.

    Diese PU’s sind real und live vom Sound noch mindestens tausendmal besser, als auf YouTube.

    Ich habe es nicht bereut und bin schlichtweg nur begeistert von den Red&White. Vielen Dank nach Russland an Alexander Pribora dafür, dass ich endlich den Sound meiner Gitarre entlocke, den ich immer gesucht habe und ich bin mittlerweile kurz vor meinem 50zigsten Geburtstag.

    Ich werde für Deine kleine Pickupschmiede auf jedenfall immer wieder Werbung machen. Von mir eine klare Kaufempfehlung und 5 Sterne aus Deutschland.


  11. Dave (проверенный владелец)

    Put these into a Squier strat and they totally transformed it into a guitar which rivals my other strats (MIJ w/ Gilmour EMGs, MIM Road Worn 50s w/ Rose Pickups).
    I instantly fell in love with the 2/4 positions, required very little tweaking to get find a sweet spot.
    Best surprise was the middle pickup, I usually avoid position 3 but this has to be the most full middle pickup I have ever used.
    Great set, can definitely recommend!

  12. Vinicio Serafini

    I purchased the pickups just because I was courious of what you could get at this VERY fair price. I own several Strats with Fender CS and even Abigail Custom 69 pickups, but I have to admit that the Pribora R&W set does not disfigure at all along them! I mounted the set on an early 90’s Japanese Fender Stratocaster with rosewood board and I will sure keep it there. The high frequencies are clear and have a very nice attack, the mids are quite pronounced for a Strat set and this makes it really easy to make them stand out in a mix, the low frequencies are controlled and don’t get muddy at all. The output is low (like vintage Fender pickups), which I really like, because it allows me to run tube amps a little hotter without losing clarity and note definition.

    This set is not just recommended “for the price” or to upgrade an entry level guitar, put it in a very nice guitar as well and it will 100% make it shine!

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