Classic – сет звукоснимателей для гитары Stratocaster

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Бюджетный сет, экономия на стоимости, но не на звуке.

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Бюджетный сет звукоснимателей для гитары Stratocaster.
Магниты Alnico 5
Разбросанная намотка.

Бесшумные во 2 и 4 позициях.

Классический звук, с большой динамикой.
Древесные оттенками в нижнем диапазоне. Слегка яркий с искристыми обертонами.

Звукосниматели вымочены в смеси воска и парафина для исключения обратной связи (свист) на большой громкости.

Neck позиция – 6.25 K
Middle позиция – 6.4 K
Bridge позиция – 7.0 K
DCR +/- 5%

Сет является переработанной версией Voodoo
В чем его отличие от Voodoo:
– Унифицирована высота магнитов, подходит для более плоских радиусов.
– Магнит первой струны опущен ниже, были нарекания на громкость первой струны
– Усовершенствована намотка
– Более полный звук в миксе, дополнительный “ЖЫР” в низкой середине
– Улучшены параметры динамики и отзывчивости от звукоизвлечения, больше панча в атаке
– Традиционная черная фибра вместо красной
– Выводной провод в тканевой обмотке винтажного стиля


Вес 0.22 кг
Габариты 12 × 7 × 3 см
Цвет крышек

Белые крышки, Черные крышки, Состаренный белый (aged white)


Полный сет – 3 звукоснимателя, Позиция Neck, Позиция Middle, Позиция Bridge

20 отзывов на Classic – сет звукоснимателей для гитары Stratocaster

  1. Sebastian Cruz Chung

    I arrived capsules, install and probe, are excellent sound quality for money. Great job. I would like to try a Red and White later.

  2. greg trigg

    I got the Voodoo pups from a friend and installed them in my custom build,and could not be more pleased.they are articulate,toneful,and very responsive to different picking styles. the sustain is great and you can really hear the space between the notes. I can’t hardly believe the value.
    G.W. Trigg

  3. Dennis Popovich

    Bought the Voodoo set from this online store and received them in about 2 1/2 weeks (Seattle Area USA). The pups were well packed and the package had a tracking number. I put the pickups in a SX Rondo Strat China clone and the pickups are vastly better by a factor of 100. I hear every note (even the bad ones) instead of the mumbo jumbo mess from the stock pickups. Like another reviewer said, I too can hear the space between the notes. I’m very pleased with the quality of build, the tonal qualities both raw and with pedals, and the overall sale that I’m planning to buy another set for a build I’m planning. I’m thinking the traditional set this time.

  4. Keith Schulze

    I’m a luthier building custom guitars. I decided to give the Voodoo set a try as I wanted to get away from the big name mass produced pickups and try some custom hand wounds. Very happy I chose this set, very articulate and pronounced, excellent tone qualities. I’ll be trying more from this winder for sure.

  5. Ian Whitehead (проверенный владелец)

    Just installed these in my strat, the detail of the sound is amazing, wonderful crispness and sparkle, woody stratty clunk when digging into the strings, clean up wonderfully when rolled back through a valve amp. Thank you Alexander amazing job!

  6. Stuart Saunders

    Replaced a set of frailins with these!…
    Excellent pickups… need to buy another strat just so I can get another set of voodoos!!!
    10 out of 10….

  7. Peter (проверенный владелец)

    Exzellent Job.
    Highly recommendable!
    Crisp clean sound.
    Beefy gain sound.
    Buy them!

  8. Marco Gualtiero Sanna

    one of the best set of pickup very defined sound, lot of dynamics and sound response
    I’ve bought a special left handed voodoo set for my fender American standard Stratocaster …
    ton’s better than original fender one’s (95-2000 era pickups)
    Thanks Alexander

  9. Zack Ustinov

    In March 2018 I’ve bought a set of Voodoo pickups instead of maxon pickups. Installed on Greco “Gneco” Strat 70-ies MIJ. The sound was wider, fuller and much richer. There was a wonderful middle in the sound range with a little hoarse (I thought so). At high frequencies the glass appeared, not the squeal. At low frequencies there was a very legible, deep, rich sound. Sounds great on clean and on overdrive. Deep and hot Blues rock! Guitar sounded much more expensive than it worths ^) Ordered another set on a MIM Strat! This price is very profitable for the real Custom shops pickups. The quality of the assembling and the materials is really high! Thank you, Alexander!

  10. Joao Faustino (проверенный владелец)

    Hi, i play with Seymour Duncan in my strat’s about 10 years…I bought a Voodoo pickup set and the sound is AMAZING!!!!!!!! Great tone!!! Thanks a lot PRIBORA!!!

  11. Joao Faustino (проверенный владелец)

    VOODOO GUITAR SET IS AMAZING!!!!! Thanks Alexander!!!

  12. Robert Bovey

    Just dropped a set of Voodo pickups into my old Mexican Strat. A huge improvement over the stock ceramics. Great clarity and a range of tones. Really improves the bridge . Fantastic value and speedy, well packed delivery. Excellent quality!

  13. Joshua Zach (проверенный владелец)

    I got the Voodoos yesterday and have to say, they are pretty amazing. I am now able to differentiate every single tone on my Squier and the PUs make it sound like a big one, maybe even better. Love them, thanks a lot Alex! Next time, I’m gonna order the blues set for my Tele 🙂
    I received the PUs in ~4 weeks to Germany, area Cologne.

  14. Mick Chaganis

    I think I have built the most amazing sounding Strat ever, 1989 Fender Sunn Mustang with Voodoo pickups, brilliant pickups and with a hand made touch.

  15. Dave Adams (проверенный владелец)

    I put a set of these in my 2014 American Deluxe Stratocaster. I removed the stock Fender N3 S1 pickguard because I wasn’t happy with the dull and lifeless tone. I have them mounted on an Allparts parchment pickguard with “Art of Tone” switch, pots, wiring, jack, etc. These nail the 1969 Hendrix tone and have many SRV tones in them, as well. I added a 680pfd cap and 220K resistor in parallel for treble bleed circuit, and am using a 0.047ufd orange drop tone cap. These are very well made and sensitive to pickup height. Magical height for me was off the WGS website. Measurements are unfretted from bottom of string to top of pole piece. Neck: 5.25mm low E, 4.37mm high E. Middle: 4.75mm low E, 4.13mm high E. Bridge: 4.74mm low E, 3.8mm high E. Notes are articulate, ring out with chime and bell tone. Sustain is very good too. Very happy with these pickups. These are very high quality pickups and will improve ANY guitar they are mounted to IMHO. I believe these rival many boutique pickups at 3-times the price.

  16. Darren West

    I purchased a second hand Mexican strat loaded with a set of voodoos. I had to contact the previous owner to find out what they actually were as I was so impressed. I think the bridge pickup is the best single coil pickup I’ve used. The middle is the middle, but I find the neck pickup to have too much bass. I’m thinking of changing out the neck pickup for a more traditional brighter sound, but I will keep the voodoo bridge pickup for sure.

  17. Johannes (проверенный владелец)

    Dear Alexander,
    I ordered a set of Voodoo pickups and installed them in an old Ibanez Blazer series stratocaster style guitar.
    They sound absolutely amazing and truely improve the sound of this guitar a lot.
    Thanks for producing these nice pickups!

  18. gerard m christianson

    thank you alexander for making amazing pickups a year or so ago i bought your voodoo pickups and put them in a eric johnson rosewood parts build
    i have friends with vintage strats and they gushed over your pickups well done sir!

  19. George Richmond

    I received the pickups for my Fender Strat faster than expected installed them and what a difference in the sound of the guitar and now it is a pleasure to play. your pickups are just what I needed to make my guitar come alive .
    Thanks for a great product

  20. Andreas Ehinger

    Thanks, Mr. Pribora your Vodoos make my day.
    They arrived yesterday in an adequate packaging very simple without rings and bells (I ordered them over Ebay).
    I like that, just a paper box and the pu’s with a circuit diagram.
    I immediately soldered them into my partcaster, I couldn’t stand the wait to hear them singing.
    And than Wow, such a clear and differentiated sound with the warmness of wood.
    It’s exactly what I prefered.
    Thanks again.

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